Guadalupe Mountains, NM


Since 2005, we have been conducting research and documentation of rock art in the Guadalupe Mountains, near Carlsbad, New Mexico. We are particularly interested in the miniature red figures, with similarly to the Red Linear sytle of the Lower Pecos region of Val Verde County, Texas.


Our recent papers include:


Mark, R., and Billo, E., 2009, Pictographs at Hunters Shelter: Possible Extension of the Red Linear Style into the Guadalupe Mountains of Southern New Mexico, Plains Anthropologist, Vol. 54, No. 211, pp. 201–210. (PDF)


Billo, E., Mark, R., and Greer, J., 2011, Hunters Shelter and White Oaks Spring Pictographs:Pecos Miniature Art in the Guadalupe Mountains of Southern New Mexico, American Indian Rock Art, Volume 37. Mavis Greer, John Greer, and Peggy Whitehead, Editors. American Rock Art Research Association, 2011, pp. 49–74. (PDF)


Also, see our Painted Grotto Gigapan: and Hunters Shelter Gigapan

Red miniature hunting and butchering scene, Lincoln National Forest.

Panel panorama above, details below.

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Lincoln National Forest panel. Click and drag.

Gigapan at

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